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lapping process for valves By: Kemet 15th April 2016 Lapping

Lapping Process for Valves

Case study on lapping valve body and valve top plate.

By: Kemet 11th April 2016 Lapping

Hand Lapping Valves

Technical article on hand lapping valves

cleaning mould plate By: Kemet 4th April 2016 Cleaning

Ultrasonic Cleaning Mould Plates

Case study on removing material residue and staining from injection mould plates.

removing rust By: Kemet 30th March 2016 Cleaning

Cleaning & Removing Rust from Moulding Tool

Case study on removing burn marks and rust using an ultrasonic cleaner.

lapping jewellery By: Kemet 7th March 2016 Lapping

Lapping and Polishing Jewelry

Many jewelry products are lapped and polished using Kemet Systems, the most common applications are when brass is used as the base material.

lapping gate valve By: Kemet 2nd March 2016 Lapping

Gate Valve Lapping

Kemet have been supplying gate lapping expertise for over 40 years. They are widely used within the oil and gas sectors to control the flow of fluids and gases.

ultrasonic cleaning car parts By: Kemet 25th February 2016 Cleaning

Ultrasonic Cleaning Car Parts

Case study on ultrasonic cleaning car parts.

ultrasonic cleaning ceramic tiles By: Kemet 19th February 2016 Cleaning

Ultrasonic Cleaning Ceramic Tiles

Case study on ultrasonic cleaning ceramic tiles and stone tiles.

which lapping plate to use By: Kemet 15th February 2016 Lapping

Which Lapping Plate To Use?

A General Guide to which Kemet Lapping Plate and Abrasive to select to lap or polish a given material.

ultrasonic cleaning aircraft parts By: Kemet 9th February 2016 Cleaning

Ultrasonic Cleaning Aircraft Parts

Case study on ultrasonic cleaning Aircraft Hydraulic Pipe Line.

ultrasonic cleaning pcb By: Kemet 4th February 2016 Cleaning

Ultrasonic Cleaning PCB

Case study on ultrasonic cleaning PCB (circuit boards).

cylinder lapping By: Kemet 28th January 2016 Lapping

Reading Light Bands

Interpretation of interference band patterns is fairly simple, read this article to find out more.

cylinder lapping By: Kemet 15th January 2016 Lapping

Lapping External Cylinders

To lap a ceramic cylinder to a polish finish, using no oil based products.

boride meusburger stones By: Kemet 16th December 2015 Toolroom
hand lapping techniques By: Kemet 8th December 2015 Lapping

Hand Lapping Techniques

Techniques for hand lapping a wide range of hard and soft materials, including ceramic, tungsten carbide, stellite, hard and soft steel, silicon nitride, brass, etc.

work holding methods By: Kemet 30th November 2015 Lapping

Work Holding Methods

Work holding is one of the most important factors when carrying out a lapping operation.

aircraft and aerospace maintenance By: Kemet 27th November 2015 Lapping

Aircraft & Aerospace Engineering

Kemet Diamond Flat Lapping Systems are widely used throughout the aircraft and aerospace industries

how to fix surface finishing problems By: Kemet 18th November 2015 Lapping

Surface Finishing Problems & How to Fix Them

Problems regarding 'Orange Peel' and how to rectify.

By: Kemet 6th November 2015 Lapping
By: Kemet 22nd October 2015 Lapping

Polishing Tungsten Carbide

The Lapping and Polishing of Tungsten Carbide and Diamond Wire Drawing Dies.

coated abrasives By: Kemet 7th October 2015 Metallography

Coated Abrasive Sample Chart

All coated abrasives can be supplied with non-adhesive or easy peel off backing.

sapphire wafer lapping process By: Kemet 17th August 2015 Lapping

Sapphire Lapping and Polishing Process

The use of Single Crystal Sapphire, as a high quality original opto-mechatronic material in the information age...

By: Kemet 27th July2015 News

Kemet Europe celebrate 50 years in business

Kemet Europe for celebrating 50 years in business.

which cleaning fluid to use By: Kemet 29th June 2015 Cleaning

Which cleaning fluid to use for your process?

Helpful article on which ultrasonic cleaning fluids to use for your process.

By: Kemet 18th June 2015 Cleaning

Cutting edge surface finishing and cleaning technologies

Kemet International’s reputation for cutting edge surface finishing and cleaning technologies is once again underlined with the release of the...

fall in oil and gas By: Kemet 3rd June 2015 Lapping

Kemet Offset Falling Oil and Gas Revenues

The oil and gas industries have been through a tough time over the last 12 months dealing with the dramatic fall in production revenues...

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