Mirror Finish Polishing Service

Are you looking for perfect, blemish free, mirror finished components? Kemet has the ability to produce these high quality finishes on all materials. Hard and soft materials need polishing processes that are tailored to their structure meaning a polishing process for brass is completely different to the polishing process for tungsten carbide.

mirror finishing service

For example, the medical industry has benefited from Kemets’ expertise where we process medical orthopaedics, and medical equipment. Both these areas require repeatable perfect mirror finishes.

Kemet have also developed mirror polishing processes that maintain a much sharper edge than alternative processes that can generate excessive roll-off. These are vital for mirror polishing applications that also need very good flatness over very small surface areas.

Kemet have the experience to know which type of polishing process is best for any material so if a mirror polish is what you need, complete the contact form and a technician will reply within 24 hours.

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