Lapping Services and Contract Lapping

Our UK Lapping Technical Centre is equipped with over 15 Kemet Lapping and Polishing Machines ranging from 15" to 48" Lapping Systems allowing a fast turn-round of customers’ samples. The Centre also has Spherical Polishing Machines, along with the latest Mitutoyo Surface Measuring and Flatness Inspection Equipment. Training Courses are also available throughout the year.

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If your components require optimum flatness to perform to specification, they are difficult to lap, or you have a particularly tight deadline to meet, Kemet’s sub contract service is the answer. We’re renowned for our service, reliability and quality, and we specialise in fast turnaround times.

Our expertise is wide and varied: it includes the lapping and polishing of mechanical seals, valves, compact disc mirror blocks, flat plastic mould inserts, comparator stages, spacers, cutter discs, and aircraft pump components. Our machines are equipped with both standard and special lapping plates to enable us to process most types of components. We are able to lap and/or polish components up to 530mm dia (approx 21”).

We can process most materials to a specific surface finish or flatness. Shouldered components (those with a raised centre or shaft) are also able to be lapped. All work is returned with a Certificate of Conformity covering the generated surface finish and flatness, relative to the customer’s drawing or specification. Our reputation has been built on service, reliability and quality. Fast turnaround times are our speciality.

We also have a Cleaning Technical Centre fully equipped for cleaning your parts after lapping. Our cleaners range from small Laboratory through to the latest large Mould Cleaning Systems.

Contract Lapping Test Facilities

As well as providing a trouble free Contract Lapping Service, Kemet International is able to conduct tests on any material in order to recommend a suitable process, or in some cases a turnkey solution for component manufacturing. Our list of partners whom we have assisted over the years contains some of the biggest names in Automotive, Medical, and Aerospace Technology. We also offer lapping and polishing training courses which can be an introduction to lapping in general, or more process orientated, depending on your requirements.

Kemet's Quality Assurance of Lapping Services

Kemet operates a Quality Management System which complies with the requirements of ISO 9001:2015 for the following scope: The manufacture of diamond abrasive compounds in solid, paste, liquid and aerosol form for high precision lapping and polishing. The manufacture of composite lap materials produced in a variety of shapes for high-precision lapping and polishing. The above products are used in the fields of mould and die polishing, electronics, oil and petrochemical industries, aerospace, metallography and geology.

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