Cleaning Pump Parts - Case Study

Customers Criteria: Free from all contamination
Material: Steel, Brass
Component: Pump parts
Contamination prior to cleaning: Paint
Total number off: 3
Number off per run: 1-2

Ultrasonic Cleaner Cleaning Fluid Temperature(s) Concentration
Mi 80 Rodastel 30 60°C 5%
Mi 80 Tap water 50°C 100%
Mi 80 Dryer N/A 70°C

Process for cleaning pump parts:

The part was placed in the ultrasonic basket and submerged in the tank and set for a cycle time of 10 minutes. After the part was quickly inspected which still showed contamination so was placed back in the ultrasonic for a further 10 minutes. The part was then placed in a rinse tank using deionised water for 3 minutes, rinsing is an important step as it removes any left on debris and neutralizes the cleaning chemical which when left to dry on can cause staining. Finally the part was dried for 5 minutes in a hot air dryer.

Before cleaning pump part

before cleaning pump

After cleaning pump part

after cleaning pump

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