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lapping plates for fast stock removal By: Kemet 26th May 2015 Lapping

New all in one Lapping Plate with enhanced stock removal and surface finish

Component designers are increasingly demanding lapped surfaces on the parts they create...

rock samples on glass slides By: Mark Cranson 26th May 2015 Metallography

Sample Preparation - Fixing rock samples to glass slides

How to glue rock samples to glass slides using Geofix (for non porous samples) and Vacumet (vacuum impregnation for porous rock samples).

medical implant makers By: Kemet 21st April 2015 Lapping

Kemet provides bright future for medical implant makers

Operating at the forefront of orthopaedic implant polishing technology for over 15 years, Kemet International Ltd has transformed...

cleaning mould easily By: Kemet 23rd February 2015 Cleaning

Save on Elbow Grease with Kemet Mould Tool Cleaning Solutions

A cleaning process that can bring any used mould tool back to a near new condition...

bore finishing tools By: Kemet 5th February 2015 Toolroom

Kemet Offer Highly Polished System for Bore Finishing

Kemet International Ltd, have developed a system that is guaranteed to provide extreme accuracy in production bore finishing.

By: Kemet 5th February 2015 Lapping

Clover Lapping Compound Comparision Chart

Comparision between clover lapping compound and Kemet lapping compound.

By: Kemet 23rd January 2015 Lapping

Lapping Pressure Relief Valve Bodies and Caps

The lapping of each part requires a similar lapping process, but a different technique.

metallic polishing pads By: Kemet 16th January 2015 Metallography

Unique Flexible Metallic Fibre Backed Polishing Pads

5 Reasons why you should use the NEW Kemet Magnetic Polishing System...

how to use a flatness gauge By: Kemet 30th October 2014 Lapping

How to use a Flatness gauge

Technical guide on calibrating a flatness gauge

By: Kemet 14th October 2014 Lapping

Lapping plate flatness

Maintenance procedures on keeping lapping plates flat

By: Kemet 29th September 2014 Toolroom

Cylindrical Lapping Using Helilaps

Technical Article on using helical laps

By: Kemet 24th September 2014 News

Chamber Awards 2014

Regional winner award for Achievement in International Business

lapping mechanical seals By: Kemet 4th September 2014 Lapping

Lapping and Polishing Mechanical Seal Faces

Technical article on lapping Mechanical Seal Faces. Kemet Lapping Systems are used in both manufacturing and reconditioning processes...

By: Kemet 7th August 2014 Toolroom

Plastic Injection Mould Polishing Techniques

Simple and fool proof method of polishing mould steel. With a few variations, it will work on any kind of steel and can be done by anyone.

By: Kemet 28th July 2014 Toolroom

How to become a Mould Polisher and enjoy it!

Mould polishing is a many faceted, highly skilled operation. Learn the basics first, then be inventive. Be constantly on the look-out for a better way.

By: Kemet 16th July 2014 Toolroom

Polishing Iron Bottle Moulds

Technical article on polishing iron bottle moulds

By: Kemet 8th July 2014 Toolroom

Di-Pro Power hand tool system tackles issue of hand vibration

In recent years Hand-Arm Vibration Syndrome (HAVS) has been identified as a major occupational hazard in the vibrating tools-using industry...

By: Kemet 8th July 2014 Toolroom

Polishing Aluminium Moulds

Technical article on polishing aluminium moulds

By: Kemet 1st July 2014 Toolroom

Polishing Stavax Moulds

Technical article on polishing stavax moulds

By: Kemet 26th June 2014 Lapping

How to Measure Flatness

Technical article on measuring flatness

By: Kemet 11th June 2014 Lapping

Kemet Annular Groove Lapping Systems

Generating shoulder flatness of better than 0.001mm

By: Kemet 7th April 2014 Lapping

How to keep optical flats in great condition?

Introducing our new product to keep optical flats in great condition. Taking special care of these will ensure accuracy and long service

By: Kemet 1st March 2014 Lapping
By: Kemet 1st February 2014 News

Kemet skates to Olympic gold

An innovative approach to achieving a perfect 90 degree angle on his ice skates

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