Cellulose Acetate Replication Sheets

We offer cellulose acetate replication film in 4 thincknesses; 35, 50, 75 and 180 micron. Cellulose acetate is soluble in acetone.

cellulose acetate sheets

Micron Size Dimensions Pack Size Code
35 150 x 100mm 20 343511
50 150 x 100mm 20 343512
50 Tape (38mm x 1.1m) 1 343513
75 150 x 100mm 20 343499
180 150 x 100mm 20 343498

Instructions for use

A piece of the replica material of a size suitable to cover the area to be replicated is cut from the sheet. A drop or two of acetone is placed on to the specimen surface and the replica film immediately applied (allowing surface tension forces to pull it down; no pressure is required). Make sure there are no air bubbles trapped during this procedure otherwise results will not be true. The film should be left to dry for about 10 minutes when it will separate very easily from any reasonably flat surface.

The replica can then be taped, around the edges, to a microscope slide with adhesive tape (eg Sellotape) with structure side outwards and then and placed in a vacuum coating unit for shadowing. The required area is cut out from the film and laid, carbon side up, on to microscope grids on a wire mesh standing in a dish of acetone, with the acetone just touching the bottom of the mesh. After one hour, remove the grids from the mesh and dry before placing in TEM for examination.