Metallography & Ceramography Polishing

Diamond Compounds are widely used in the preparation of samples in the following areas: Metallography, Ceramography and Petrography. They are all supplied in a number of forms: Paste, Suspension (oil or water based) and Trigger Spray, with particle sizes ranging from 0.1 to 90 micron.

Micron Size Use
0.1 to 3 Final polishing on metallographic specimens, also used on optical, laser rod and semiconductor finishing.
3 to 25 Fine grinding/polishing on metallographic specimens. Also as a finish for most applications: moulds: dies, general flat lapping. Preparatory lapping. Intermediate finish to achieve dimensions.
25 to 90 Rough grinding, fast stock removal and roughing on hard materials.

Kemet Monocrystalline Diamond provides a cost effective means for good stock removal and finish. It has a slightly irregular shape with multiple cutting edges, and is recommend for general applications where Polycrystalline features are not required.

Kemet Polycrystalline Diamond has many more cutting surfaces per particle, resulting in higher removal rate. As it cuts, it breaks down in its original shape, allowing for finer finishes in less time than when using Monocrystalline Diamond. Because Polycrystalline has no cleavage planes, it cannot crack or splinter like Monocrystalline Diamond. It causes less sub-deformation, and is excellent when polishing samples composed of different material/hardness.

Kemet Diamond Compound

Has a wide range of applications, for polishing ferrous, non-ferrous and non-metallic materials, steels, sapphire, ceramics, carbide composites and silicon etc. Diamond Compound is supplied in Applikators, Syringes, Sticks and Dip Jars.

Kemet Diamond Suspensions

These Suspensions are either Polycrystalline (WP and OP) or Monocrystalline (WM and OM) diamond, and can be used for both manual or automatic dispensing.

Kemet Polishing Pads

Polishing is the most time consuming and most important step in preparing a specimen for micro-structural analysis. Here any damage caused by the previous cutting and grinding, which should have been kept to a minimum, is completely eliminated. There are a wide range of Polishing Pads, which relate to their type:- woven, non-woven and napped cloths.

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