Surface Finish Inspection Inside Slots

The SiliKem compound is used to inspect the visual appearance of those hard to reach mould tool areas. Great results and peace of mind in minutes. SiliKem displays the surface with an accuracy of 0.1μm, showing the smallest of scratches. SiliKem is elastic, so it can be easily removed from the mould and is used successfully for undercuts. Maximum of 3 minutes from mixing to the finished sample.

  • Non-hazardous substance
  • Does not generate heat during curing
Product Code
SiliKem Resin Cartridge (includes 6 nozzles) 339805
Dispensing Gun 339217
Mixing nozzles 48 pack 339801
12 pack 339804
Nozzel Tips (For use in hard to reach areas) 50 pack 339806

Contact us for a free demonstration at your premises throughout the UK.

slot hole finish inspection

surface finish inspection with silikem

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