Kemox Abrasive Slurry / Slurries

Kemet offer a comprehensive range of suspension treated Abrasive Slurries where the abrasive and carrier are pre-mixed in the correct proportions, resulting in a cleaner and more efficient Lapping Process.

Kemox is a conventional abrasive slurry that has been suspension treated so that the abrasive particles do not settle out into a hard sediment in to bottom of the abrasive tank. Kemox is available in water soluble (Kemox –W) or oil soluble (Kemox-O) formulations in 5 or 20 Litres. Advantages of using Kemox include:

  • No mixing necessary (Pre-Mixed Abrasive)
  • Abrasive slurry concentration is always correct
  • Always ready to use

abrasive slurry

Environmentally friendly products - Not classified as an atmospheric pollutant as they have zero Volatile Organic Compound (VOC)
Product Size Code Abrasive Slurries Description
Kemox O-960 5 Litre 300101 Oil based abrasive slurries. Finest surface finish on soft components
Kemox O-950 5 Litre 300102 Oil Based. Finer surface finish on soft components
Kemox O-900 5 Litre 300103
Kemox O-800 5 Litre 300104 Oil Based. General aluminium oxide lapping where a scratch free matt lap is required
Kemox O-800S 5 Litre 300112
Kemox O-800 (Fine) 5 Litre 300107
Kemox O-800 FHC 5 Litre 300109
Kemox O-400 5 Litre 300105 Oil Based. Plate conditioning and matt lapping where good stock removal and a matt lap is required
Kemox O-400S 5 Litre 300111
Kemox HSR 5 Litre 300195 Oil Based. Faster stock removal
Kemox W-950 5 Litre 300152 Water based where oil can't be used. Finer surface finish on soft components
Kemox W-800 5 Litre 300143 Water based abrasive slurries
Kemox W-400 5 Litre 300141
Kemox SF 1 Litre 300207 Use: mirror polishing of aluminium
3.8 Litre 300200
5 Litre 300199

Before and after using Kemox SF on Aluminium

before polishing with kemox sf

after polishing with kemox sf