Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) content of Kemet Products

According to European directive 2010/75/EC (Previously 1999/13/EC). Based on the vapour pressure of the solvent(s).

Product VOC Content (g / l)
Liquid diamond Type K NEW FORMULA (From April 2014, Batch 169948) 0
Liquid diamond Type WM/WP 0
Aquapol-M/Aquapol-P 0
Easypol/Easypol+ 0
Fastcut 0
Liquid diamond Type W2 0
Liquid diamond Type WX 0
Liquid diamond Type O/OM/OP 0
Diamond Pump Spray 0
Col-K/Col-K (NC) 0
Lubricating fluid Type K 0
Lubricating Fluid Type OS 0
Lubricating fluids Type W/W2/W3/W9 0
Stoning Oil 0
Diamond Compound (All standard types) 0
Kemox Type O/W 0
Cleaning Fluid Type CO-42 780
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