Diprofil Ultrasonic Polishing Equipment - DUS-300

The Diprosonic DUS-300 is the new and improved Ultrasonic Finishing System from Diprofil. The Ultrasonic system’s main advantage is its very short stroke length (10 – 35 µm) at a very high frequency (18 – 25 kHz). This makes this unit ideal for working in narrow and confined spaces such as cavities and slots where a short stroke length is preferable. For this kind of delicate work, the Diprosonic will give you precise finishing with rapid stock removal in a relatively clean enviroment without the need for lubricating fluids etc.

The Unit is excellent for use together with Ceramic Fibre Stones and Sintered Diamond Files, but it is also possible to use Electroplated Diamond Files as long as the shank of the used tool is kept as short as possible. Operation is optional by hand or the included Foot-switch and the Unit will automatically find the right frequency for each tool.

diprofil Ultrasonic polishing system DUS300

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Items and accessories included in the DUS-300 package:

  • Ultrasonic hand-piece (DUS-300-HP)
  • Hand-piece cable (DUS-5)
  • Power cord - US standard 110V (DUS-6)
  • Power cord - European standard 220V (DUS-7)
  • Foot-swith (DUS-300-FS)
  • 10/11 mm spanner (DUS-8)
  • 2,5 mm hexagonal-key (DUS-9)
  • Hand-piece cradle (DUS-10)
  • Tool-holder 1,1 mm (DUS-11)
  • Tool-holder Ø 3,0 mm (DUS-30)
  • Ceramic fibre stones/Sintered diamond files tool-kit (DUS-300-TK)

Main features:

  • 36W max output
  • Two output levels (high/low)
  • Capable of long working periods
  • Auto feedback system
  • Small, compact and low weight

Control Unit

Input: AC 90 - 250 V, 50/60 Hz
Ultrasonic power output: 36 W
Frequency: 18 - 25 kHz
Stroke length: 10 - 35 µm
Dimensions: 144(W) x 195 (D) x 95 (H)
Weight: 658 g


Cord length: 1500 mm
Dimensions: Ø 30 x 131 mm
Weight: 185 g
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