NSK Presto II - Air Driven System

NSK Presto II is an ultra high speed 320,000 min-1 non-lubricated air turbine. It is most suitable for precision processing works such as small precision parts, ceramic, correction of printed circuit board, etc. due to its non-lubricated handpiece. Flexible tubing ensures excellent workability reducing fatigue to the operater’s hand for long continuous use.

  • Ultra-high speed non-lubricated air turbine handpiece ideal for delicate processing application.
  • Chip air blows away the cutting powder and cools the cutting tool.
  • Built-in dust protect mechanism developed by Nakanishi ensures long durability.


Product Description Specifications Model Code
presto handpiece Presto Handpiece 2 m Hose PR-304 340481
presto 2 airline kit PRESTO II Air Line Kit
(w/o Lubricator · Filter Mesh 5 μm )
Rotating Speed : 320,000 min-1
Proper Air Pressure : 0.25MPa
Weight : 71 g (w/o Hose)
Inside Diameter : ø1.6 mm Bur Only
Air Consumption : 40NL/min
PR2-06 340482
presto cartridge PRESTO II / PRESTO
PR-03 340483
presto foot pedal PRESTO Foot Control AFC-40 340484
Piping Hose 2 m Long K-237 340485
Air Turbine Hose 2 m Long K-238 340486
Pin Spanner T-751 340487
Presto II Standard Set Presto Handpiece (PR-304), Air Line Kit (PR2-06), Foot Control (AFC-40), Handpiece Holder (Z014) PR2-304S 339916

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