Specimen Holding Fixtures

Geological samples holders are available for the Forcimat-TS automatic specimen mover. The Forcimat-TS is a microprocessor controlled sample mover designed to be used with the Forcipol. It is an automatic head with low speed for thin section and petrographic sample preparation. The pneumatic force is individually applied and adjustable between 5 N (1.1 lb.) and 60 N (13.5 lb.) from the front panel and displayed on a gauge.

Geological Sample Holders

Thin Section Holders Code
LAP-TS special specimen holder with Boron Carbide stops for lapping of thin sections, Ø 60 mm. 345808
POL-TS special specimen holder for polishing of thin sections, Ø 60 mm. 345287
FORCIMAT specimen mover, 3 x Ø 60 mm (quick release mechanism not available for this specimen holder) 345411
FORCIMAT specimen mover, 6 x Ø 40 mm 345127
Set of insert rings for 30 mm 345128
Set of insert rings for 25 mm 345279
Individual force specimen holder, Ø145mm, for 6 x Ø40 mm specimens (for use with insert rings below) 346018
Set of insert rings for Ø1 1/4" (31mm) 345743
Set of insert rings for Ø1 1/2" (38mm) 345744

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