Mounting Moulds and Accessories

We have a wide range of mounting moulds which can be used in conjunction with all of our cold mounting resins. These come in 3 differenttypes:

  • KM Acrylic Resin Mould with detachable aluminium base. Non-reusable.
  • Teflon reusable with detachable base.
  • Rubber one piece (reusable).
mounting moulds

These are complimented by our range of mounting accessories. All of the available items are shown in the table below:

Description Quantity Code
KM Acrylic Moulds 25mm dia. Pk 30 600066
KM Acrylic Moulds 30mm dia. Pk 50 600753
Teflon Moulds 20mm dia. Pk 5 600723
Teflon Moulds 25mm dia. Pk 5 600724
Teflon Moulds 30mm dia. Pk 5 600710
Teflon Moulds 40mm dia. Pk 5 600725
Teflon Moulds 50mm dia. Pk 5 600726
Rubber Moulds 55 x 30mm. Pk 5 600727
Rubber Moulds 70 x 40mm. Pk 5 600728
Rubber Moulds 100 x 50mm. Pk 5 600729
Rubber Moulds 25mm dia. Pk 5 600062
Rubber Moulds 30mm dia. Pk 5 600063
Rubber Moulds 40mm dia. Pk 5 600064
Cups and stirrers Pk 100 600058
250xx measuring cup and stirrer Pk 5 600730
Stainless steel clips Pk 100 600050
Plastic clips Pk 100 600053
Silicon free mould release spray 500ml 600158

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