What to consider when you are buying a microscope

* Compulsory field – we can respond faster if completed accurately.

Company Name
Email Address
Town / City
Phone number
What make of microscope (if any) are you currently using?
What samples are you wishing to view? How are they mounted/presented? What is the smallest size you need to view down to?
What type of microscope do you require?
What illumination do you require?
Please state which illumination techniques are require for transmitted and which are required for reflected illumination if you require both
Do you have any preference for the type of illumination, for example halogen, mercury (for fluorescence), LED, etc?
If doing fluorescence microscopy, please answer the following: Which filters do you require? How many filter holders do you require? Please specify the wavelength of the fluorochromes used Do you have any preference between mercury, metal halide and LED illumination?
Do you require any motorisation? If so, please be very specific
Do you require any environmental chambers, rigs, etc? Again, please be specific
Do you wish to attach a camera (now or in the future)? If so, do you already have a camera that you would like to attach (please tell me what make and model it is) or do you need to also purchase this? Do you require a colour camera or a monochrome camera (typically used for fluorescence imaging) What exactly would you like to do with the camera and software? Please be very specific
Do you have a specific (or approximate) budget to stick to?
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