Magnetic Polishing Pad Systems

The Kemet magnetic disc system is suitable for Kemet's range of magnetic polishing pads, diamond grinding and fine grinding discs, and any magnetic consumable from other suppliers. Available in 200mm, 250mm and 300mm diameter. Other sizes available upon request

  • Greatly extended cloth life - up to 4 x longer compared to self adhesive pads
  • Easier to change cloths
  • No adhesive breakdown problems
  • No more finger cutting - no risk to cut fingertips
  • Adaptable to any process
  • Fits to any magnetic plate
  • Cleaner process

magnetic polishing pad system

10 Pack Diameter (mm)
Pad Type 200 250 300
ASFL-M 341175 341176 341177
AST-M 341287 341288 341285
Chem-HM 341861 341852 341853
Kan-K 341294 341295 341072
MRE-M 341815 341816 341817
PSU-MM 341811 341812 341813
NSH-BM 341263 341261 341262
Lil Plus-M 341289 341290 341291
NLH-M 341292 341293 341267

Magnetic Disc

Diameter (mm)
200 250 300
345770 345771 345772


Synthetic silk pad with durable woven structure for mirror finishing of most metals. Commonly used with 3 Micron Diamond compound or finer.

ASFL-M magnetic cloth


Extra hard synthetic silk pad on rigid backing. Used for increased cutting action and good general flatness control. Used with 14 Microndiamond compound and coarser.

AST-M magnetic cloth


For use with a chemical mechanical polishing process with Col-K colloidal silicoca suspension

Chem-HM magnetic cloth


Woven wool polishing cloth for polishing ferrous and non ferrous metals. Use with 3 Micron diamond compound.

Kan-M magnetic cloth


Synthetic flock sprayed onto a flexible waterprooof carrier. Use with 6 micron diamond compound or finer.

MRE-M magnetic cloth


Non woven chemo textile pad suitable for general polishing. Use with 3 Micron diamond compound.

PSU-MM magnetic cloth


A short nap with woven backing. Use with 3 Micron diamond compound or finer.

NSH-BM magnetic cloth

Lil Plus-M

A soft short nap cloth suitable for mirror finishing. Use with 3 micron diamond compound.

Lil Plus-M magnetic cloth


A longer stiff nap cloth. Used with 6 Micron diamond compound or finer.

NLH-M magnetic cloth

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