Hardness Tester – Questionnaire and Contact Form

* Compulsory field – we can respond faster if completed accurately.

Email Address
Company Name
Town / City
Phone number
Test method Required
Expected hardness range of samples
Geometry of the samples - Mounted or non-mounted samples (if mounted, which diameter?). Dimensions in mm (width, length, height). Specific shape (cylindrical, spherical,…). Weight in kg
Type of measurement (number of test points per sample) - Single measurement. Serial measurement (= test rows). “Multi-Specimen” - To test more than one sample at once. Specific test rows e.g. CHD, Nht, Rht, Welding samples
Location of indentation on the samples
Surface condition (prepared or not, bright, polished, ground, rough…)
Workload - How many indentations will be performed per working day (approx.)
Special requirements in data export (test results)
Plans for the future (e.g. other test methods, other materials or samples,…)
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