Grinding and Polishing Machines

In order to obtain a highly reflective surface that is free from scratches and deformation, the specimens must be carefully ground and polished before they can be examined under the microscope.

ACCURA 102 preparation system is designed for fully automated metallographic sample preparation for consistent and reproducible specimen quality.

FORCIPOL Grinding and Polishing Machine, suitable for 200, 250 and 300 mm wheel size.

Automatic vibratory polisher designed to prepare high quality polished surfaces on a wide variety of materials

PLANAR COARSE GRINDER is designed for first step initial planar grinding of very large specimens.

Belt-worn battery pack and motor controller for in situ (field) metallographic work.

ELOPREP is an easy to use fully automatic electrolytic polishing and etching machine.

A precision power hand tool system with a wide range of attachments suitable for grinding, smoothing and polishing

Operator free sample preparation for high volume sample throughput starting from planar/coarse grinding to cleaning and drying

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