Mounting Fixture For Thin Sections

The Geofix is a fixture for mounting specimens to glass slides for thin sectioning. Its spring activated loading system provides a uniform thickness of bonding material between the specimen and the glass slide.

fixture for small thin sections

Product Code
8 slides up to 76 x 51 mm 345286
12 slides up to 76 x 51 mm 363084
2 slides up to 152 x 102 mm -

Glass Slides

Glass slides for mounting specimens are available in many sizes. The thickness of slides vary between 1.2 - 1.5mm. Use KEP and KEPT epoxy to bond the samples to the slide. All items below are supplied in pack of 100.

Glass Slides Code
76 x 51mm -
76 x 26mm -
46 x 27mm 362352
30 x 45mm 363369
28 x 48mm 362773
26 x 46mm 363370

Other sizes available on request

Glass Slide Coverslips

Coverslips protect valuable thin sections and improve optical clarity for transmitted microscopy. All items below are supplied in pack of 100.

Cover-slips Code
24 x 44mm E14096
74 x 49mm E14097
75 x 25mm -

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