Mounting Fixture For Thin Sections

The Geofix is a fixture for mounting specimens to glass slides for thin sectioning. Its spring activated loading system provides a uniform thickness of bonding material between the specimen and the glass slide.

Large Geofix for 2 slides up to 152 x 102 mm (Product Code: 363084)

Small Geofix for 8 slides up to 76 x 51 mm (Product Code: 345286)

fixture for large thin sections

fixture for small thin sections

Glass Slides

Glass slides for mounting specimens are available in many sizes. The thickness of slides vary between 1.2 - 1.5mm. Use KEP and KEPT epoxy to bond the samples to the slide.

Glass Slides Code
152 x 102 mm 363172
100 x 100 mm 363171
76 x 51 mm 361784
76 x 26 mm 361782
51 x 26 mm 362025
48 x 28 mm 361783
45 x 60 mm 363170

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