Cooling & Filtration Units for Cutting Machines

Recirculation Cooling Tank

The Cooling Tanks’ compact design allows easy storage under the cabinets of all cutting equipment (supplied standard with cutting machnies). The Cooling Tanks are offered in 2 sizes to offer effcient cooling during cutting process. The pump starts and stops automatically with the connected equipment. The cutting surface is cooled by spray nozzles when the water jets hit both the cutting wheel and the specimen. This provides an effcient cooling of the sample and prevents the overheating of the surface structure.

Fine filter sheets for recirculation

cooling tank The fine filter sheet is located on the top of the tank and keeps the cooling water free from debris. The fine filter sheets are reusable and easy to clean.

Magnetic Collector Rods

Collects the finest magnetic particles from the cooling liquid for cleaner recirculation.

recirculation cooling tank

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Bandcool - Filtration of coolant

Designed for filtration of coolant from magnetic and non-magnetic contaminants. The float mechanism senses the contaminant level and actuates the endless chain automatically to bring fresh paper in position. The collected contaminants and used filter paper is collected in a waste container for easy disposal. Coolant life is greatly extended and bacterial growth is inhibited by the effcient removal of contamination.

Perfect choice for cutting materials which generate a lot of swarf or for higher volume usage. Band filter conveyor for the automatic collection and disposal of swarf for long continuous usage. It is environmentally friendly, fitering the coolant and depositing the swarf in a separate container for easy disposal. Available in two dimensions as 115 and 150 litres. BANDCOOL can be located under the cabinets of SERVOCUT 502 & SERVOCUT 602, thus no extra space is needed.

Coolant Level Sensor

The coolant level sensor monitors the coolant level in the tank to make sure that the coolant is always at the proper level. Informs operator when coolant level is insuffcient to ensure uninterrupted cooling during operation.

filtration of coolant bandcool

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