Aluminium Oxide Cut off Wheels

Aluminium Oxide abrasive wheels are recommended for sectioning hard, medium, and soft metals, ferrous alloys and tool steels. Available in two varieties: general purpose and premium.

Aluminium Oxide Cut off Wheels

The type of cut off wheel to be used depends on the type of material to be cut and in particular to its hardness. Please refer to the table below:

Type Materials Hardness
8A80NBK Low carbon 20-30 Rc
100-350 HV
Mild and Extra Mild Steel
Treated Steels with medium Cross Section
Case Hardened Steel
8A80MBK Treated Steel 40-55 Rc
300-600 HV
Stainless Steel
Refractory Steel
Alloyed Cast Iron
8A80KBK Nickel based super alloys 40-55 Rc
300-600 HV
8A80KBK Carburised Steel 55-65 Rc
600-850 HV
Treated Steel with fragile coatings
Hardened high carbon steel

General purpose Aluminium Oxide Cutting Wheels

Type Diameter Thickness Arbor Code
For Steel (Rc 20-30)
250mm 1.8mm 32mm 590001
300mm 2.0mm 32mm 590002
350mm 2.5mm 32mm 590003
For Steel (Rc 40-50)
250mm 1.8mm 32mm 590004
300mm 2.0mm 32mm 590005
350mm 2.5mm 32mm 590006
For Hard Steel (Rc 55-65)
250mm 1.8mm 32mm 590007
300mm 2.0mm 32mm 590008
350mm 2.5mm 32mm 590009

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