Dual Machines - Combined Wet & Dry Vibratory Finishing

This easy to control design features two chambers. A polyurethane lined inner chamber for wet process applications: deburring, descaling, radiusing, cleaning, polishing and general surface improvement, and a heated outer chamber for drying/cleaning the parts after being processed. Parts can automatically be transferred from the inner chamber to the outer chamber.

vibratory dry and wet finishing machine


Inner/Outer Bowls

  • The inner (wet) chamber section is designed to provide an effective and efficient tumbling action to ensure the shortest possible process time.
  • Stress relieved to improve life the process bowl can easily be customised.
  • Separation screen to transfer components from the inner chamber to the outer chamber to be dried.

Automatic Dispenser

A controlled method of introducing accurate quantities of process consumables into the inner chamber at precise regular intervals.

Parts Feeder

A parts feeder stores a batch of components and transfers a pre-set weight of them into the machine inner process chamber, recharging the bowl automatically after each process cycle.

Dust Extractor for Maize Application

The Dust Extractor is a self-contained collector built for collecting the fine dust resulting from the process carried out in the outer chamber. With a compact design it minimizes the floor space and it fits in virtually any plant layout. It is available in standard version or with explosion relief system.

Separation System

  • With the machine still vibrating a polyurethane flap can be engaged, manually or pneumatically, to form a bridge to a separation screen. The media falls through the screen back into the bowl while the components continue to the outer chamber for drying. This operation is repeated once the parts have been processed in the outer chamber.
  • Sturdy, reinforced separation screens, capable of handling the weight of the parts, can be manufactured out of a variety of materials with openings to suit the geometry of the media and components, holes and slots being typical.
  • A wedge type locking system reduces down time during screen change/removal.
  • Inverse separation screens are also available for applications where the media size is larger than the parts
  • Spray bars over the screen are an option to clean the parts prior to discharge from the machine as are air knives to push back any media carried over the screen by components and also assists in the removal of excessive water on the components.
Model Bowl Capacity Overall dimensions in mm/ inch Process Chamber Dimensions in mm/ inch after lining Drier Chamber Dimensions in mm/ inch Max Motor Rating (kW) Number of Heaters Total Heater Rating (kW)
Cu. Ft. Litres Length Width Height Width Height Width Height
Dual 3+3 3+3 85+85 1430 / 56.3 1240 / 48.8 930 / 36.6 250 / 9.8 290 / 11.4 155 / 6.1 240 / 9.4 2.2 2 off 1.5 x2
Dual 5+5 5+5 142+142 1830 / 72 1500 / 59.1 1080 / 42.5 230 / 9.1 335 / 13.2 180 / 7.1 205 / 8.1 2.2 2 off 2 x 2

Sizes indicated above are standard. Custom sizes can be manufactured to suit specific applications. Dimensions are subject to change due to design improvements.