Vibratory Dryer Finishing Machines

Easily integrated with the vibratory finishing machines, these dryers can offer a complete finishing solution for your components. Available in standard sizes or customised to bespoke specifications, they provide 100% separation of parts and can be used for batch processing or single lap continuous process applications.

vibratory drying finishing machine


Process Chamber

  • The elliptical shape of the stress relieved, metal spun process chamber provides more drying area in the machine for a smaller footprint.
  • Components can be loaded into the chamber through a side loading chute
  • Various channel sizes and overall diameters are available to suit the application.

Dust Extractor for Maize Application

  • Compact, self-contained, quiet and efficient, the dust extractor for collecting the fine dust resulting from the process, is quick to install and easy to maintain.
  • Minimizes floor space to fit in with plant layout, available in a standard version or with an explosion relief system.

Flap separation system

Despite the unique, elliptical shape of the process chamber, the separation flap operates without catching any parts or agro media when moving into position ensuring no parts are left in the work bowl during separation.

Imbalance weights

The upper and lower imbalance weights are securely fastened to both ends of the motor shaft and are adjustable to suit the process parameters.


A stable machine base and special arrangement of the springs ensures stability of the process chamber whilst the machine is running without the need to bolt it to the floor.

Vibratory Dryer - Conveyorised Electrically Heated Drying Oven

vibratory dryer CD series

Best suited for drying a variety of components, which are large in nature or where the agro media cannot be used due to the risk of lodgement, this machine features three banks of heating elements and an air circulating fan for efficient drying.

Vibratory Dryer - Large and small batches of components

vibratory dryer VBD series

Simple to operate, these highly efficient machines are constructed with a component separation and discharge facility. The work chamber has an elliptical shape which gives an extra drying area to minimise drying time.

Components travel through a heated drying chamber on a tensioning and tracking adjustable, variable speed, metal conveyor belt, which is housed in a strong and rigid framework. Shafts are supported in sealed-for-life, self-aligning, bearings and driven by a precision chain drive, which incorporates a friction type safety torque limiter and is totally enclosed in a sheet metal guard.

(Overall dimensions in mm/ inch)
Length - 5640 / 222
Width - 800/ 500 / 31.5 / 19.7
Height - 1875 / 73.8
Overall Belt Length - 3070 / 120.8
Heated Belt Length - 2000/78.7
Belt Length Before Heating Chamber - 500/19.7
Belt Length After Heating Chamber - 570/22.4
Height of Conveyor Belt - 825/32.5
Belt Speed - Min: 1mtr/M Max:6mtr/M
Operating Temperature - 70 °C
Maximum Service Temperature - 100 °C
Max Motor Rating (kW) - 0.25
Number of Heaters - 9
Max. Heater Rating (kW) - 2

Sizes indicated above are standard. Custom sizes can be manufactured to suit specific applications. Dimensions are subject to change due to design improvements.

Manufactured with a single speed motor and adjustable flyweights as standard to optimise energy transfer and achieve the desired finish in the shortest time, both large and small batches of components can be processed in this machine, either as a batch process or a continuous single lap process. Heating elements heat the drying media (Maizorb) which absorbs and removes any moisture from the parts, while a gentle tumbling action prevents component damage. Separation is by either a manual or pneumatically operated flap system.

Capacity Overall dimensions in mm/ inch Chamber dimension in mm/ inch after lining Max Motor Rating (kW) Number of Heaters Total Heater Rating (kW)
Cu. Ft. Length Width Height Width Height
3 1200 / 47.2 950 / 37.4 980 / 38.6 280 / 11 300 / 11.8 1.2 2 off 2
6 1650 / 64.9 1315 / 51.7 1000 / 39.4 260 / 10.2 335 / 13.2 2.2 3 off 3
12 2000 / 78.7 1620 / 63.7 980 / 38.5 365 / 14.4 370 / 14.6 4 3 off 3
24 2615 / 102.9 1930 / 75.9 1150 / 45.3 392 / 15.4 425 / 16.7 7 6 off 6

Sizes indicated above are standard. Custom sizes can be manufactured to suit specific applications. Dimensions are subject to change due to design improvements.

Vibratory Dryer - Continuous Drying Machine

vibratory dryer HD 3000 series

Ideally suited for small batch works and delicate components these machines can be used for either batch or continuous drying. The machine features a polyurethane lined work chamber and is mounted on castor wheels so it can be moved with ease, while a media discharge door assists to empty the bowl.

Vibratory Dryer - Re-circulation of drying media

vibratory dryer RD series

Used to dry the wet components that come out of the finishing machine, these dryers comprise of an inner rotating chamber where the components get dried using appropriate agro media, absorbing the moisture and preventing corrosion.

In certain applications, such as sanitation of cutlery, a UV lamp on the lid which automatically switches on when the lid is closed. Powered by a standard 16A, single phase, 240V AC supply, the machine is quiet in operation and user friendly.

Capacity Cu. Ft. - 0.63
Overall dimensions in mm/ inch
Length - 700 / 27.5
Width - 565 / 22.2
Height -1000 / 39.4
Chamber dimension in mm/ inch after lining
Width - 150 / 5.9
Height - 260 / 10.2
Length - Spiral
Max Motor Rating (kW) - 0.44
Number of Heaters - 1 off
Total Heater Rating (kW) - 1.0

Sizes indicated above are standard. Custom sizes can be manufactured to suit specific applications. Dimensions are subject to change due to design improvements.

  • Inner barrel design ensures parts travel from the feed end to the discharge end.
  • 100% separation of components and media through a fixed sieve drum.
  • Re-circulation of drying media with continuous output of parts
  • The agro media easily changed by running the inner chamber in the reverse direction.
  • Energy efficient unit with minimum loss of heat provides effective drying and cost savings.
  • Components can be fed into the dryer in batches or continuously.
Overall dimensions in mm/ inch Heating Power Driving Power Barrel Speeds (rpm) Max Motor Rating (kW)
Length Width Height
2085 / 82.1 1090 / 42.9 (1110)1540 / (43.7) 60.6 9 0.75 7 0.75
3000 / 118 1090 / 42.9 (1110)1540 / (43.7) 60.6 18 1.5 2.5 1.5

Sizes indicated above are standard. Custom sizes can be manufactured to suit specific applications. Dimensions are subject to change due to design improvements.

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