Super Centrifugal Polishing & Deburring Machines

Probably the most efficient of the finishing systems available in the industry, these machines generate a very high gravitational force and are engineered to maximise output. Made with the latest in Super Centrifugal technology, the drive mechanism is designed to produce high ā€˜Gā€™ forces resulting in shorter process times and enabling faster finishing of the parts while ensuring a high quality finish. With a variety of applications the machine can give you an aggressive cut-down combined with a mirror shine to even the most delicate of components. Each machine meets quality standards and undergoes extensive testing before leaving the factory.

Super Centrifugal

What is Super Centrifugal Finishing?

Super Centrifugal Finishing (SCF) is a process that delivers superior results in a short space of time using very high gravitational force.

Very flexible, it allows a small, or large, numbers of parts to be finished simultaneously and can be used across a wide range of industries.

In many cases the results achieved with SCF are impossible in a standard vibratory process, particularly applications that have a high surface finish requirement as well as removal of heavy machining or grinding marks. Parts that require hand finishing are also perfect for SCF, one of the main advantages being reduced processing times. SCF is one of the most efficient batch finishing methods ā€“ up to ten times faster than vibratory finishing, most applications taking 10 to 30 minutes, and producing superior finishes.

SCF creates a force of 5-25 times normal gravity with 3 or 4 hexagonal/circular barrels mounted on a turret. The turret and the barrels rotate at high speed in opposing directions and the resultant centrifugal force increases the weight of the abrasive media in the barrels which slides against the components, also in the barrels, to produce a rapid cutting action.

Components can be processed wet or dry. In a wet process, parts are generally loaded as a batch with media and a solution made of a barrelling compound and water. Large or fragile components can be processed without the use of fixtures, divider plates forming compartments within the barrel so that the parts are processed individually and do not impinge on each other.

Process benefits include:

  • Significant reduction in surface roughness
  • Shorter processing times
  • Increased component cleanliness
  • Removal of surface defects
  • Corrosion protection
  • Non part specific
  • No major tooling required
  • No fixture requirement
  • Consistent and repeatable results

high energy finishing

Semi-automated, the machines are easy to use and the simplicity of design means they are easy to maintain, with an automatic lubricating system on each bearing in the drive, the disposable lubricator being easy to remove and refitted with a fresh one when empty.


  • Hinged barrels with clamps makes it easy to use.
  • Wear resistant polyurethane liners.
  • Liners available with dividers to avoid damage of parts.
  • Removable liners.
  • Metal reinforced liners available for rigidity and sealing, when processing very small parts.
  • Incorporates the spider plate technology for added thrust for processing of components.
  • Variable frequency drive.
  • Variable motor rating to suit specific application by part weight.
  • Unique jogging feature for accurate positioning of the barrels during unloading/loading.
  • Barrel tilting mechanism for automatic unloading.
  • Proximity sensor for accurate positioning of barrels in the loading/unloading position.
  • Door interlocking safety switch.
  • Integrated temperature monitoring system to prevent overheating within the barrels and damaging the liners.
  • Pressure release valves on each barrel to release of pressure prior to opening. This operation is carried out manually by the operator but automated pressure release system integrated with the PLC is available as an option.
  • Belt tightening system.
  • Machine requires no foundation and can be located on any levelled surface using the levelling screws provided.
  • PLC operated machines can be programmed to user requirements.
  • Maintenance alerts.
  • 100 recipe programs.
  • Unbalance weight detection.
  • Vibratory Screen Separator provided to separate the media from parts.
  • Compound dosing system included.
  • Rotating assembly heat-treated and mounted on a rugged frame.
  • Quiet operation.
  • Available in painted and stainless steel.
  • The 240 Litres machine can be manufactured to include special split bearings (optional).
Capacity Number of Barrels Barrel Shape Overall dimensions in mm / inch Barrel Size in mm / inch (with liners fitted) Max. Motor Rating (kW) Max Barrel Speed (RPM)
Cu. Ft. Litres Length Width Height Hexagonal Barrel (Width x Length) Circular Barrel (Diameter x Length)
0.35 10 4 Hexagonal or Circular 1080 / 42.5 875 / 34.4 1700 / 66.9 136 x 129 / 5.4 x 5.1 157 x 129 / 6.2 x 5.1 1.1 225
Capacity Number of Barrels Barrel Shape Overall dimensions in mm / inch Barrel Size in mm / inch (with liners fitted) Max. Motor Rating (kW) Max Barrel Speed (RPM)
Cu. Ft. Litres Length Width Height Width Length Height
1.05 30 4 Hexagonal 840 / 33.07 1040 / 40.94 1575 / 62.01 173 / 6.81 292 / 11.49 3.75 250
1.41 40 3 Hexagonal 1220 / 48.03 1570 / 61.81 1560 / 61.41 180 / 7.08 480 / 18.89 208 / 8.18 4.0 225
1.88 53.5 4 Hexagonal 1230 / 48.42 2000 / 78.74 1950 / 76.77 180 / 7.08 480 / 18.89 208 / 8.18 5.5 175
2.82 80 4 Hexagonal 1270 / 50.00 1640 / 64.56 2700 / 106.29 215 / 8.46 520 / 20.47 248 / 9.76 5.5 150
8.47 240 3 Hexagonal 1720 / 67.71 1740 / 68.50 3050 / 120.07 365 / 14.37 693 / 27.28 422 / 16.61 11.0 125

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