Work Holding, Foam Tape & Non-slip Material

Non skid Workholding and Workholders

Workholding is one of the most important factors when carrying out a lapping operation. The flatness of a part can be adversely affected by incorrect workholding.

For continuous lapping of the same range of parts, it makes sense to have sets of profiled workholders. A full range of blank workholders 3mm or 6mm thick are available. We can also supply pre-profiled workholders on request.

Lapping Machine Workholder Diameter Workholder Thickness Code
Kemet 15 138mm 3mm 360206
Kemet 15 138mm 6mm 360678
Kemet 20 189mm 3mm 362460
Kemet 24, 3 ring 246mm 3mm 360269
Kemet 24, 3 ring 246mm 6mm 360232
Kemet 36, 3 ring 366mm 3mm 360280
Kemet 36, 3 ring 366mm 6mm 360285
Kemet 48, 3 ring 503mm 6mm 360248
Kemet 56, 3 ring 576mm 6mm 362498

Other sizes available upon request.

work holding

Kemet Facing Kit

The Kemet facing kit consists of a non-skid rubber pad. This pad can be fixed to the bottom surface of the hand weight to hold parts without a workholder and protect the parts being lapped. The hand weight with the pad is then placed directly on top of the parts which have been positioned inside the conditioning ring. Lapping can occur and the parts will not skid out of position.

On complicated parts, special workholding fixtures may be required. When producing such fixtures, the following points should be borne in mind:

1. The weight of the fixture should be balanced when holding the parts.
2. Ideally, three or more parts should be held in the fixture.
3. Often height setting blocks are helpful when assembling parts into the fixture.
4. When holding round or similar shapes where the end face is to be lapped, use a 'V' type location rather than a hole in a block.
5. The fixture should be a loose fit within the conditioning ring so it is free floating on the Lapping Plate.

Kemet Facing Kit datasheet

For Lapping Machine... Code
Kemet 15 361503
Kemet 24 361504
Kemet 36 361509

Other sizes available upon request.

kemet facing kit

Self Adhesive Foam Tape

Double sided self-adhesive foam tape. Dimensions: 3 mm thick, 50 mm wide and 25 m long. Use in combination with Non-slip Film (material)
Product code: 361506

  • Closed cell PVC foam with a paper or film release liner
  • Coated on both sides with a high quality pressure sensitive acrylic adhesive
  • Approved to RES22LA06
  • Ultra violet light resistant
  • No known hazards associated with this product
  • Service temperature: -40°C to +70°C
  • Performance will vary across the service temperature range
Description Units Value Test method
Type of Seal - Water -
Compression to effect a seal % 20 Internal
Static Shear, 500 hour loading Kg/cm² 0.15 Internal
Max recommended weight loading g/cm² 7 Internal
180° peel adhesion to steel N/25mm 12 Internal
self adhesive foam tape

Non-slip Film (material)

The Non-slip material has a protective film on both sides, which will keep the material clean until ready to use. Dimensions: 406 mm x 9 m
Product code: 361505

dycem non slip

Kemfix Mounting Film

Kemfix mounting film is used to fix parts for single side grinding, lapping and polishing processes on mounting plates. It is compatible with glass, ceramic and metal base plates and nearly all types of substrates.

work holding for glass
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