Dasty Degreaser Professional

Thanks to its ultra-concentrated formula, it is a powerful and extremely effective degreasing product.

  • Ideal for thoroughly degreasing all mechanical parts as well as large surfaces
  • Perfect for cleaning lapping residue
  • Safe for shipping and contains no ozone depleting chemicals
  • Brings back the original shine effortlessly
  • Easily removes grease, mineral oil, scale etc.
  • Biodegradable
Size Product Code
1 Litre 362936
Box of 12 362962

Customer Feeback From Using Dasty Degreaser Professional

Removing grease from lawnmower wheels

Company: McIntyre Engineering

removing grease from lawnmower wheels

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Removing Lapping Residue

how to clean a lapping plate

Before - dirty lapping plate

using a degreaser

A quick spray of dasty degreaser and wiped with a dry cloth

clean lapping plate

After - clean lapping plate