Lapping Trolley

Kemet offer portable lapping trolleys, for easily portability of Kemet 15 and Kemet 20 diamond lapping machines. They have been ergonomically designed so that the lapping machine will be at average working height

Height to top of table is 61cm. The overall length is 133.5 cm and the width is 82cm. It has removable pram type handle (height to of handle when fitted is 89.5cm)
Two braked swivel castors (at handle end) and 2 fixed castors at other end to prevent stand moving when lapping machine is in operation.

Lapping Trolley

Option 1. Fitted with two full height and depth formed sheet steel lockable cupboard, one left and one right, approx 300mm high

Option 2. Fitted with one full height and depth formed sheet steel lockable cupboard approx 300mm high, to left side of trolley. Product code:362100

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