Lapping Valves, Safety Valves, Gate Valves and Ball Valves

For Gate, Check, Safety, Control Valves, Gate Valve Wedges and Conical Seats

These valve grinding machines have unique, lightweight universal clamping system which allows rapid and accurate mounting.

control and safety valves

Ball Valves

Kemet have developed a special spherical ball polisher which is ideally suited for lapping and polishing ball valves up to 20" diameter. Larger ball valve lapping machines are also now available. Contact Kemet for trials.

ball valve lapping

Gate Valves

Kemet have developed a system for lapping tungsten coated gate valves to better than 2 light band flatness in under 10 minutes with reproducible results.

gate valve

Safety Valves

Kemet Diamond Lapping machines are ideally suited for lapping and repairing safety valves. The safety valve seat can be easily and reproducible be lapped in under 5 minutes using our diamond technology.

safety valve

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