Kemet DiaCol - Lapping/Polishing/Super Finishing Machine

The Kemet DiaCol has been developed as a versatile machine that is able to lap and polish components using the complete range of processes from conventional lapping with a cast iron plate and aluminium oxide or silicon carbide slurries, precision diamond lapping and polishing with a Kemet composite lapping plate and Kemet’s diamond slurries and super finishing CMP (Chemo Mechanical polishing) using a CHEM-H pad and COL-K polishing media. Machine available in 15”, 20” and 24”.

all in one lapping machine

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Up until now, Kemet machines have been able to run both conventional and diamond processes, but any CMP polishing required a separate machine. This is because the CMP polishing process is corrosive, and parts that contact the COL-K must be either epoxy coated, stainless steel, or aluminium for longer life and contamination free polishing.

The DiaCol takes all of these issues into account and has an integrated Akudisp fully programmable peristaltic dispenser for the CMP slurry.

Special features:

  • Stainless Steel adjustable worktable
  • Stainless steel conditioning ring and roller bearing assemblies
  • Epoxy coated support plate
  • Stainless Steel pressure weights
  • Conventional abrasive system
  • Kemet Diamond dispensing system and stirrer
  • Ceramic faced or stainless steel conditioning rings for contamination free polishing
  • Kemet AkuDisp fully programmable peristaltic pump unit fitted as standard
  • Suitable for Kemet magnetic polishing pad system for easy pad change
Model Product Code
DiaCol 15 359867
DiaCol 20 359859
DiaCol 24 359869
diamond process machine
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