Kemfix Mounting Film

Kemfix mounting film is used to fix parts for single side grinding, lapping and polishing processes on mounting plates. It is compatible with glass, ceramic and metal base plates and nearly all types of substrates. The film itself has a precise homogeneous thickness with a thickness tolerance of only about ± 1µm.

This enables you to produce very parallel parts, cut down the waxing error and have a stable process. Kemfix has pressure-sensitive adhesive (PSA) on both sides to mount the parts securely on the base plate. Also very delicate polished faces are protected from any scratching. After processing, the adhesive is deactivated simply by heat.

TypeRelease temperature °CDimensions ØCode
Red Kemfix 125 350mm 363195

The parts can be picked up from the tape easily without residues from the adhesive. No special cleaning with ethanol or acetone is necessary like in common wax fixtures. Kemfix is also free from silicone and metals keeping your part surfaces in clean condition for subsequent coating and evaporation steps.

kemfix mounting film

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