Kemet Lapping Machine Maintenance Kit

This Kit is used for the general maintenance of the Kemet 36 (and larger) Diamond Lapping machines and will aid the ‘General Maintenance procedures’ found in the manuals. Product Code: 362220

The Kit comprises of:

1 Litre of Shell Omala 320
1 EP2 Grease cartridge
1 Grease gun (compatible with the grease cartridge above)
1 Oil gun with end fitting compatible with the male fitting found on the Lapping machine.

Maintenance procedures:

Lube Point: Gearbox. Check the gearbox oil level and top up as required. A sight gauge and pressure lubrication points are sited on the left hand side.
Lubricant: Shell Omala 320 gear lube (1) with the oil gun (4)
Interval: Weekly

Lube Point: Gearbox bottom bearing, the grease point is located adjacent to the oil sight gauge.
Lubricant: Two shots of grease EP2 (2) or equivalent with the grease gun (3)
Interval: Two Monthly

lapping machine maintenance kit

Electronic Dispenser Service Kit

Kemet have developed a service kit for the electronic dispenser to allow hassle free maintenance. The kit comprises of:

2 Glass Jars and Cap, 2m blue tubing and 2m clear tubing and 2 x stirrer magnets

Product Code: 362530

Electronic Dispenser Service Kit
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