Large, Heavy Duty Lapping Machines

For larger lapping applications Kemet offer machines with a 72”, 84” or 120” plate.

Features & Benefits:

  • Set within a mesh guard, a side mounted motor transmits the drive via multiple v-belts to a mechanical reduction gearbox at the centre of a cruciform shaped steel structure.
  • Four stations, the roller yokes mounted on hollow section upright columns at the end of each arm, which also support the trough around the lap plate.
  • Electronic soft start to smooth accelerate the lap plate to full speed is time adjustable to suit individual process conditions.
  • Suitable for use with conventional abrasive slurries or Kemet Diamond slurries.
  • Free-standing conventional abrasive reservoir/stirrer/pump supplies four individually adjustable feeds to each of the stations.
  • Electronic diamond dispenser and stirrer unit provides fully controlled metering of liquid diamond and lubricating fluid to each station, via dispensing bars and spray heads, to ensure even distribution and minimise consumable costs and waste.
  • Water cooling option available

large lapping machine

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Designed for Diamond Lapping processes, these machines come equipped with liquid diamond dispensing, as well as conventional abrasive, systems and are fitted with a choice of Cast Iron or Kemet Composite Faced plate/segments.

Comparision between the large Lapping Machines

Option Open Face Pneumatic Lift
Machine Model 72 84 120 72 84 120
Approx. Height (H) 1350 mm 1500 mm * 2764 mm * *
Working Height (WH) - - - * * *
Approx. Width (W) 3026 mm 2600 mm * 3026 mm 2600 mm *
Approx. Depth (D) 3073 mm 2600 mm * 3073 mm 2600 mm *
Approx. Weight 6000 kg 9000 kg * 10000 kg 12000 kg *
Lapping Plate outside ø 1829 mm 2134 mm 3000 mm 1829 mm 2134 mm 3000 mm
Approx. Lapping Plate Speed 30 rpm 20 rpm 18 rpm 36 rpm 20 rpm 18 rpm
No. of Conditioning Rings 4 4 4 4 4 4
Conditioning Ring inside ø 692 mm 813 mm 1025 mm 692 mm 813 mm 1025 mm
Max load per Conditioning ring 2000Kg 2250Kg * 2000Kg 2250Kg *
Main Drive Motor 15kW 30kW * 15kW 30kW *
Abrasive pump motor 0.18kW 0.18kW 0.18kW 0.18kW 0.18kW 0.18kW
Abrasive Tank capacity 117 Litres 117 Litres 132 Litres 117 Litres 117 Litres 132 Litres
Waste tank capacity 37 Litres 37 Litres 57 Litres 37 Litres 37 Litres 57 Litres
Standard Electrical Supply 220V or 380V or 415V 3 Ph 50Hz

* Designed to customer specification

lapping machine dimensions

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