Small Lapping Machine

Kemet 300L2 Lapping Machine

The smallest of our range of lapping machines, the benchtop mounted Kemet 300L2 is fitted with a 300 mm lapping plate, driven by a high torque variable speed motor.

Depending on the application, the machine can be fitted with either a serrated cast iron plate or a choice of one of Kemet’s composite plates to suit the application.

A single control ring, with an OD of 140mm and ID of 125mm, located in a ring style holder, runs between 3 rollers and is adjustable for both height and position.


  • 300mm diameter plate
  • High Torque Motor (1 HP)
  • Variable speed ranges 0 - 100rpm
  • Digital Timer 0 - 99 mins
  • Conditioning ring 140mm OD x 125mm ID
  • Dimensions 450 x 800 x 400mm
  • Weight 42 Kg
  • Electrical requirements;
    • 220V-1Ph-50Hz (Code - 345347)
    • 110V-1Ph-60Hz (Code - 345347A)


  • Handweight 123mm diameter (Code, 345450)
  • Conditioning ring, 140mm OD x 125mm ID x 40mm height (Code, 345434)
  • Plastic faced conditioning ring (Code, 345454)
  • Aluminium lift off disc, 300mm diameter (Code, 345537)
  • Kemet Iron LOD (Code - 351415)
  • Kemet Copper LOD (Code - 351414)
  • Kemet Copper SP2 LOD (Code - 351411)
  • Solid Cast Iron Plate (Code - 351413)
  • Serrated Cast Iron Plate (Code - 351412)

LOD (Lift off Disc System)

kemet 300L2 lapping machine

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