Lapping Machine - Kemet 15

The bench-mounted Kemet 15 Lapping Machine has a rigid metal construction with a height-adjustable worktable. The machine incorporates a digital Process Timer and a fully automatic Liquid Diamond Dispensing System.

kemet 15 lapping machine

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  • Can lap parts up to 140mm dia
  • Suitable for bench mounting
  • Produces optically flat surfaces with high precision surface finish
  • Reduces lapping costs - fully controllable Kemet Electronic Dispensing System accurately meters diamond abrasive onto the lapping plate
  • Reduces waste - only small quantities of diamond abrasive and non-toxic fluids are used
  • Built in abrasive system for conditioning Kemet plates
  • Electrical System complies with EN 60 204
  • Easy to adapt for special lapping applications
  • Transportable


Other Versions:

Lapping Plate outside Diameter 381 mm
Lapping Plate Speed 70 rpm
No. of Conditioning Rings 3
Conditioning Ring inside Diameter 140 mm
Max load per Conditioning ring 39 Kg
Height of Open Face Machine 670 mm
Height of Pneumatic Lift Machine N/A
Working Height 310 mm
Depth of Machine 660 mm
Width of Machine 760 mm
Standard Electrical Supply 220v-1Ph-50Hz or 380v or 415v 3Ph-50Hz
Main Drive Motor 0.37 kW
Abrasive pump motor 0.18 kW
Approx. Weight Open Face 136 kg
Pneumatic N/A
Recommended Accessories Code
Plastic Faced Conditioning Rings - Set of 3 361521
Ceramic Faced Conditioning Rings - Set of 3 361522
Cast Iron Conditioning Rings - Serrated - Set of 3 360203
Zytel Roller Bearing Assemblies - Set of 6 360212
O-rings for Zytel Bearings - Set of 6 360270
Flatness Gauge 361304
Recommended Consumables Code
Cast Iron Serrated Lapping Plate (Lapped finish*) 362400
Cast Iron Solid Lapping Plate (Lapped finish*) 362401
Kemet Copper Lapping Plate 351102
Kemet Copper SP2 Lapping Plate 351159
Kemet Iron Lapping Plate 351002
Kemet PR3 Lapping Plate 351340
Kemet Tin Lapping Plate 351305
Kemet XL Lapping Plate 351356
Kemet XP Lapping Plate 351202
Dasty Industrial Degreaser

* May need additional conditioning depending on application

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