Internal Valve Lapping machine

Internal valve lapping machine

The Kemtech 15 Internal lapping machine is specially designed to accurately lap internal valve faces. This version of the reliable lapping machine will process internal faces up to 300mm (3" to 16") in diameter, producing a flatness of 0.001mm. Depending on the material and the tooling, anything from a standard matt finish to a high mirror polish can be obtained.

This Internal lapping machine can quickly be changed to a standard lapping machine, allowing the flatness of the laps, which generate the flatness of the recessed internal face, to be maintained on the same machine. This means that a single machine can produce the required flatness on the lap tooling and then generate the same flatness on the internal faces, a bonus in terms of cost and footprint.

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  • Bespoke holding plate designed to customer requirements
  • Includes full set of laps to suit application
  • Variable Speed up to 70 rpm
  • Yoke arm which can apply additional pressure when required
  • Capable of processing valves from 3” – 16” O.D
  • Short Process times
  • Easy to use
  • Integrally mounted high torque drive unit with 0.37kW (0.5HP) motor
  • Sealed maintenance free reduction gearbox
  • Electronic digital timer with variable time ranges
  • Electrical: 230V-single phase-50Hz

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