Kemet Diamond Dressing Pads

For the dressing, conditioning and flattening of Kemet Lapping Plates. The pads are available in fine and coarse grades and are supplied in sets of eight to suit 15” Lapping machine rings or twelve to suit 24” Lapping machine rings. Purpose made rings for use with the pads are available from Kemet International.

Diamond Dressing Pads

Pad Description Unit Code
Fine Per pack of 8 361524
Coarse Per pack of 8 361525
Fine Per pack of 12 361526
Coarse Per pack of 12 361527

Instructions for Using Diamond Dressing Pads

The ring to be used should be faced as shown below with the self-adhesive Diamond Pads It is important the surface on which they are to be mounted is clean and dry. For permanent bonding to a ring, Superglue or Araldite should be used. It is recommended to use this additional adhesive in conjunction with the self-adhesive, to provide more stable bonding to the conditioning ring.

The coarse pads are used for stock removal and for cutting back Kemet plates. The fine pads are used for retexturing and conditioning purposes where polishing plates have glazed or uneven surfaces. Place the ring in the yoke assembly of the machine. Do not use any other conditioning rings. The ring should weigh approximately 2 - 5 kilos depending on the plate size and type. Small additional weights can be supplied if necessary to obtain good cutting.

Start the lapping machine and apply a 2 second spray of lubricating fluid every 20 seconds. Kemet Type W fluid is preferred. Check the Kemet plate every 5 minutes to ensure the correct condition is being obtained. If changing the overall shape of a Kemet plate, move the ring towards the centre to correct a convex condition, and move it to the outer position to correct concavity. After conditioning, ensure the Kemet plate is thoroughly cleaned using a solvent. Use a solvent and razor blade to remove the worn out diamond dressing pads from the conditioning ring, if the additional adhesive was utilised.

dressing pad on conditioning ring

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