Composite Lapping Rods

For use with Kemet’s diamond compounds, Kemet composite rods (Kemet rods) are manufactured from a homogeneous mix of synthetic resins, metal particles and other materials. Produced in a variety of hardness values, the softest materials can be safely lapped with Kemet Diamond compound.

Kemet Iron Principally used on harder materials where heavy stock removal is required.
Kemet Copper Used to lap softer materials where fine lapping and polishing is the primary requirement.
Kemet XP Developed for the polishing of hard materials such as ceramic and tungsten carbide.
Kemet Tin Used for precision polishing of optical and opto-electronic components. N.B. Rods will be supplied centred each end and 25mm longer than nominal length for machining to requirements, with the exception of Kemet Tin which will be supplied uncentred at 150mm long. Prices for other sizes available on application.

  • Easily machined into specific profile tools
  • Higher stock removal
  • Greater shine
  • Can reduce the number of steps by combining lapping and polishing
  • Diamond lasts longer as it embeds into the composite
  • Harder composite material particularly suited to problem steels
  • Suitable for making laps to polish injection moulds
Type Size Ø (mm)
25 x 150 50 x 150 75 x 150
Iron 352101 352102 352103
Copper 352104 352105 352106
XP 352113 352108 352114
Tin 352107 352116 352163

lapping rods

made in britain

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