Colloidal Silica Polishing Suspension (CMP Slurry)

Colloidal silica suspension is able to produce the ultimate in high quality mirror polishes on polishing machine. One of the disadvantages of colloidal silica is that it can crystallise out of solution. The crystals have a corrosive action and can attack material.

Polishing Slurry for Stellite and Cobalt Chrome - Col-K

A part abrasive, part chemical polishing action makes COL-K well suited to polishing difficult materials such as Stellite and Cobalt Chrome. A Liquid polish used on Kemet CHEM Cloth to produce the ultimate in high quality mirror polishes on cmp polishing machines.

Polishing Slurry for Titanium - Col-K(X)

Col-K(X) has been specially developed to mirror polish Titanium without the need for any chemical additives.

Polishing Slurry for Silicon Nitride (Ceramic) - Col-K(R)

Col-K(R) has been designed for polishing silicon nitride, glass, sapphire, alumina, and metal/ceramic composites. It proves exceptionally effective during the final polishing steps for silicon nitride.

col-k cmp slurry

made in britain

Product Size
1 Litre 5 litres 20 Litres
Col-K, 0.09 μm 600262 600212 600204
Col-K (R), 0.09 μm 600269 - -
Col-K (X), 0.09 μm - 600267 -
Col-K (NC), 0.09 μm 600261 600199 600202

Non-Crystallising Polishing Slurry

Kemet has developed the next generation of colloidal silica – a non crystallising version called Kemet Col-K (NC). This is available in 1, 5 and 20 litre containers.

Effect of using colloidal silica

Effect of using colloidal silica on a lapping machine. Notice the white residue (crystals) on the machine.

Effect of using Kemet Col-K

Effect of using Kemet Col-K (NC) on a Kemet 15 Lapping machine. Notice that there is no white residue on the machine.

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