Peristaltic Dispenser - Akudisp

It can be linked to the machines main timer system so that the Peristaltic pump operates whilst the machine is running to give accurate metered dosing to the lapping application.

The stirrer function operates as soon as power is on to the aKu-Disp unit and has manually operated variable speed controls for both the pump and stirrer.

The Kemet aKu-Disp is designed to work in conjunction with the Kemet range of bench top lapping machines and the Metkon range of grinding and polishing machines.

The timer unit by default is pre-set with 10-second time interval and will pump for 2 seconds. This is changeable by pressing the ‘A’ button to change the time interval, then ‘+’ and ‘-‘keys to adjust the time. The spray duration time can be changed by pressing the ‘B’ button then ‘+’ and ‘-‘keys to adjust the time.

The aKu-Disp unit can also be used independently from a machine-timed cycle by pressing the ‘OK’ button. Pressing the Red ‘ESC’ button stops this operation.

There is a separate Priming function to charge the pipe work and spray head before operation. Press and hold the green ‘OK’ button.

A separate Purge function (mounted on the side of the unit by the pump head) will return any solution in the pipe work and spray head to the receptacle.


  • Supplied with an auxiliary contact relay for timer integrated control
  • Suitable for viscosities up to 1000 Cps at 20°C (68°F)
  • aKu-Disp can be operated as a stand- alone unit
  • Easily programmable operation
  • Variable speed stirrer and pump controls
  • Manual priming function to charge pipe and spray head prior to use
  • Manual purge function retracts liquid consumable from sprayhead and returns it to jar for cleaner operation
  • Optional extras include aKu-Disp mounting shelf and additional spray heads

akudisp dispenser

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