For the refurbishing of all forms of Acrylic, Glass substitutes and Transparency repair/restoration

Originally designed for aircraft windscreens ... AcryPol can now be used for so much more, from watch faces to car windscreens

Initial damage to transparent surfaces can be removed using conventional abrasives. Subsequent polishing, to achieve complete transparency, is performed with one of the grades of AcryPol Diamond Polish.

Procedure for repairing acrylic and glass substitutes

First, the surface to be restored must be thoroughly cleaned using a water/liquid soap lubricant solution, then gently wiped dry with tissue. PSU cloth is fixed to a firm rubber backing pad, the surface of the cloth is moistened with lubricating fluid and AcryPol Abrasive Paste applied to the centre of the cloth for initial loading. Firm, but not excessive pressure should be applied to the polishing pad while it is rubbed to and from across the surface (Note: Different surface configurations will require different pad trajectories for simplicity, the description here refers to a plane horizontal surface.) The pad should be kept moist, but not wet, and should be reloaded with AcryPol if the cutting action diminishes. This initial surfacing stage is continued until it can be seen, after cleaning, that most of the damage has been removed. Depending on the damage depth, this stage could take as little as 1 minute or up to 10 minutes or more. The process can be accelerated with the use of the Kemet PGP Kit.

Grade For use
A-OS-2 Spot rectification and superfine finish
A-OS-6 General use
A-OS-10 Cuts quicker but surface finish not as good as with A-2 or A-6
Product Description / Contents
AcryPol Diamond Polishing Kit No.1 1 x 10 grams syringe of AcryPol’” Diamond Polish (A-OS-6), 1 sq. metre Acrypol Polishing Cloth, 2 Pump-up Aerosols, 1 container AcryPol anti-static glaze Instruction Sheet
AcryPol Polishing Cloth Used on polycarbonate and acrylic materials, usually using a PSU-M polishing cloth. Glass is processed using the same PSU-M pad and our cerium based Kemox (300196 Kemox WC-970BB)

refurbishing repair restoration acrylic glass transparency

AcryPol for the Aircraft and Aerospace Industry

Acrylic and glass substitute windows, used in the Aircraft and Aerospace Industry are very susceptible to damage, i.e., sand/grit abrasion, stress crazing and fuzzing. Traditional methods of refurbishing can involve many hours of expensive manual labour and in some cases complete window replacement. This is why Kemet International, recognized world leaders in superfine finishing products and techniques, have developed a new polishing material which has greatly reduced refurbishment time, thus reducing labour costs and non-operational ‘down times: This new product is known as AcryPol Diamond Polish and has been specially formulated for the polishing of acrylics and glass substitutes.

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