Mounted Points for pneumatic tool at high rotational speeds

XEBEC Stone™ uses the original abrasive ceramic fiber material instead of abrasive grains. By using ceramic stone on the head portion, the cutting edges are exposed over the entire surface. This tool prevents clogs and scratches to the surface because it does not contain abrasive grains.

mounted points

XEBEC Brush™ Mounted Point

Suitable for using with a pneumatic tool at high rotational speed

Applicable Equipment

mounted point applicable equipment

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Equivalent grit (Colour) Product code Head size (mm) Shank Diameter (mm) Head length (mm) Maximum rotational speed (min-1)
#220 (Gray) AX-PM-3R 3 3 20 60000
AX-PM-SRF 5 3 8 30000
AX-PM-6T 6 3 20 60000

Target burr size
Burr root thickness of 0.1mm or less (Burrs are easily bent with a fingernail)

target burr size

mounted point sizes

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