CNC Deburring Brushes for after Face-Milling, End-Milling and Drilling. Cutter Mark Removal and Surface Polishing

Overwhelming grinding power, Consistent cutting performance, No deformation XEBEC Brush uses unique abrasive ceramic fiber material instead of abrasive grain. One bristle consists of 1,000 ceramic fibers that work as cutting edges. XEBEC Brush provides outstanding grinding ability to complete CNC deburring and polishing in your CNC machine.

The XEBEC Brush™ uses abrasive ceramic fiber material instead of abrasive grain. One single bristle consists of 500 -1,000 ceramic fibers that works as cutting edges, providing excellent cutting ability.

The XEBEC ceramic fiber has 3 features that enable CNC deburring & polishing:

  • Overwhelming Grinding Power
    • Uniquely developed ceramic fibers are the abrasives and its fiber content ratio is over 80%. Cutting edges that are made up from the tip of each fiber bristle create overwhelming grinding power. Has 60 times higher grinding power compared with nylon brushes and steadily removes burrs.
  • Consistent Cutting Performance
    • Due to the structure of XEBEC ceramic fiber, new cutting edges are always exposed. The brush maintains consistent cutting performance to the end, enabling CNC deburring and polishing,
  • No Deformation
    • Maintains its straight shape and does not spread out like a toothbrush even after repeated use. Thus, it is ideal for CNC deburring and polishing in mass production line.

CNC Machine Deburring Brushes

XEBEC Brush™ Surface

Applicable equipment

equipment for cnc deburring brush

Tool composition

Brush and Sleeve are separate items. Assemble Brush and Sleeve before use.

cnc deburring brush tool composition


Brush (Colour) Product code Brush diameter (mm) Bristle length (l) (mm) Matching Sleeve
A13 (Pink) A13-CB06M 6 30 S06M
A13-CB15M 15 50 S15M-P
A11 (Red) A11-CB06M 6 30 S06M
A11-CB15M 15 50 S15M-P
A11-CB25M 25 75 S25M
A11-CB40M 40 75 S40M-SD10
A11-CB60M 60 75 S60M
A11-CB100M 100 75 S100M
A21 (White) A21-CB06M 6 30 S06M
A21-CB15M 15 50 S15M-P
A21-CB25M 25 75 S25M
A21-CB40M 40 75 S40M-SD10
A21-CB60M 60 75 S60M
A21-CB100M 100 75 S100M
A32 (Blue) A32-CB06M 6 30 S06M
A32-CB15M 15 50 S15M-P
A32-CB25M 25 75 S25M
A32-CB40M 40 75 S40M-SD10
A32-CB60M 60 75 S60M
A32-CB100M 100 75 S100M


Product code Brush diameter (mm) External diameter (Dc) (mm) Shank diamter (Ds) (mm) Overall length (L) (mm) Shank length (ls) (mm) Matching Brush
S06M 6 10 6 70 29 A13/A11/A21/A32-CB06M
S15M-P 15 18.5 6 90 29 A13/A11/A21/A32-C815M
S25M 25 30 8 140 30 A11/A21/A32-CB25M
S40M-SD10 40 45 10 140 30 A11/A21/A32-CB40M
S60M 60 65 12 150 35 A11/A21/A32-CB60M
S100M 100 110 16 162 40 A11/A21/A32-CB100M
cnc deburring brush sizes

Which Brush do I need?

Which brush for Deburring?

Workpiece material Deburring Plastic or Resin Deburring Copper or Brass
Deburring Aluminium
Deburring General Steel
Deburring Stainless Steel
Deburring Heat-resistant Steel
Deburring Cast-iron
Deburring Hard to cut material
Thickness of burrs Micro fine burrs
Burr root thickness ( < 0.1mm)
Burr root thickness (0.1 - 0.2mm)
Brush A13 (pink) A11 (red) A21 (White) A32 (Blue)

Which brush for Cutter Mark removal?

Workpiece material Cutter Mark removal on Copper or Brass
Cutter Mark removal on Aluminium
Cutter Mark removal on General Steel
Cutter Mark removal on Stainless Steel
Cutter Mark removal on Heat-resistant Steel
Cutter Mark removal on Cast-iron
Cutter Mark removal on Plastic and Hard to cut material
Achievable Surface roughness < Ra 0.1 µm
Ra 0.1 µm >
Brush A13 (pink) A11 (red) A21 (White) A32 (Blue)

XEBEC Brush ™ Surface Extra-Large

deburring brush extra large

Tool composition

Brush and Slide Ring are separate items. Assemble Brush to Slide Ring before use.

deburring brush extra large tool composition

Applicable equipment

deburring brush extra large applicable equipment


Brush (Colour) Product code Brush diameter (mm) Bristle length (l) (mm) Matching Slide Ring
A11 (Red) A11-CB125M 125 75 SR125M
A11-CB165M 165 75 SR165M
A11-CB200M 200 75 SR200M
A21 (White) A21-CB125M 125 75 SR125M
A21-CB165M 165 75 SR165M
A21-CB200M 200 75 SR200M
A32 (Blue) A32-CB125M 125 75 SR125M
A32-CB165M 165 75 SR165M
A32-CB200M 200 75 SR200M

Slide Ring

Product code Brush diameter (mm) Outer diameter (Dc) (mm) Shank diameter (mm) Overall length (L) (mm)
SR125M 125 135 25 187
SR165M cp165 cp176 cp25 187
SR200M 200 211 25 187

Case Study: Precision / Deburring of edge

Material: Steel
Pre-processing: End milling
Description: Making a slot with Ø0.5mm end milling process

Deburring Parameters:

Tool Used: A13-CB15M(XEBEC Cutting Fiber)
Revolutions: 3000min-1
Feed: 2000mm/min
Depth of Cut: 1.0mm

Before Deburring of Edge

before deburring of edge

After Deburring of Edge

after deburring of edge

Case Study: Deburring of hole

Category: Electronic part
Pre-processing: Drilling
Description: Remaining burrs on 1.2mm dia. of 7370 holes

Deburring Parameters:

Tool Used: A11-CB15M(XEBEC Cutting Fiber)
Revolutions: 3800rpm
Feed: 350mm/min
Depth of Cut: 0.2mm
Process time:15 min

Before Xebec - Tool used: Impregnated nylon brush. Manual processing required 12 hours for completion
After Xebec - Only took 15 min. of processing for complete deburring Shorten by1/48

Before Deburring of Hole

before deburring of hole

After Deburring of Hole

after deburring of hole

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