Filter cartridges for Closed Loop Filtration System

20” Replacement filter cartridges are available for the closed loop filtration system. Available to remove contamination from 1 micron to 150 micron. How often the filter cartridge is replaced depends on the amount of contamination. Initially, we would suggest it is replaced every 200 hours of use.

When the cartridge is taken out, if it is black / discoloured completely through to the core it needs replacing sooner. If it is only slightly discoloured on the periphery, then it can be used for a longer period.

Replacement Filters
Product Micron Filtration Code
Cartridge Filter Double Ended 250mm (10”) Cartridge 5 360441
10 360440
20 360694
50 360443
100 360442
Bag Filter P2S Filter Bag 25 360844
50 360843
100 360871
25 + oil absorb 360842

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