Thin Section & Sample Preparation

Kemet have a range of Thin Section & Sample Preparation equipment to help with your processes;

  • Sectioning of rock, ceramics, minerals, glass, concrete
  • Precise material removal of petrographic thin sections
  • Lapping and polishing thin sections
  • Rock sample preparation
  • Cutting and Grinding Machines

Our most popular machine is the KemTech III - able to accurately lap and polish thin sections mounted on glass slides down to 30 microns. Metered dosing of conventional and diamond abrasives is applied to the lapping plate using the aKu-Disp Geo peristaltic dispenser. The Kemet Lift off Disc system allows quick transitions between the lapping and polishing stages.

geological sample preparation

Cutting and Grinding Machines

Precision Thin Section Cutting and Grinding Machines, for fast and precise material removal of Petrographic thin sections, vacuum chuck to hold a variety of slide dimensions, vacuum pump with gauge and filter and separate cutting and grinding compartments.

try for free

Free sample testing & reports

Samples are evaluated free-of-charge & reports are issued covering all aspects of the process & the likely consumable costs involved.
technical support

Free technical support & consulting

We provide a complete technical support programme as part of our package. Our team of technical experts are always on hand to offer advice and assistance.

established in 1938

Over 80 years of superior service

With over 80 years of expertise, our experienced in-house technical support team can help you with your processes.

Top features of the KemTech III

  • Cast iron Serrated Lift Off Disc
  • Variable Speed up to 70 rpm
  • Capacity for up to 3 vacuum jigs with diamond faced stoppers
  • Stand –alone vacuum pump
  • Sealed maintenance free reduction gearbox
  • Three adjustable conditioning ring roller bearing yoke assemblies
  • aKu-Disp Geo accurate peristaltic dispensing system for metered dosing
  • Integrated abrasive tank with stirrer
  • Electronic digital timer with variable time ranges

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