Case Study - Removing Heavy Tooling Marks

The Problem

Develop a Mass Finishing solution which benefited the end-user by reducing processing times and producing a repeatable and quality product.

The Aim

Removal of heavy tooling mark in the silver area of component

The Process

  • Carried out trials and determined the Centrifugal High Energy Finishing machine as an efficient mean to grind, polish and dry the components.
  • Identified the correct media and compound for all 3 finishing stages

before Removing Heavy Tooling Marks

The result

Tooling marks have been removed while the dimension integrity of the part was maintained.


  • Removed the surface defects.
  • Components that were going to be scrapped have been recovered.
  • Processing time was reduced by using the High Energy technology.
  • Produced a repeatable and quality finished product.
  • Cost savings

after Removing Heavy Tooling Marks