Case Study - Descale, Deburr and Brightening for the Automotive Industry

The Problem

Develop a Mass Finishing solution which benefited the end-user by eliminating manual finishing and produces a repeatable and quality finish.

The Aim

  • Achieving a descaled and bright finish
  • Determine the most efficient solution to finish high volumes of components and achieve the throughput required

The Process

  • Worked out the weekly volumes and determine the most appropriate finishing technology to use is the High Energy finishing machine
  • Determined that the finishing process should be no longer than 15 minutes to be able to achieve the throughput
  • Identified that by using divider plates in the barrels 12 parts can be processed per load without any impingement

before Descale, Deburr and Brightening

The result

Achieved a scale free and bright surface finish in a single step process.


  • Achieved the required finish in a reduced processing time
  • Avoided any part impingement by using the divider plates
  • Produced a repeatable and quality finished product
  • Simplified the finishing process by developing a single step process and using one type of media and compound
  • Customized the finishing process as per customer’s needs

after Descale, Deburr and Brightening