Case Study - Deburring, Polishing & Corrosion Protecting Masonry Drill Bits

The Problem

Find a solution in order for the client to move from manual finishing to mass finishing mansory drill bits

The Aim

  • To achieve a deburred and polished finish.
  • Corrosion protect the parts.
  • Identify mass finishing process that enables client to achieve the required daily throughput.

Deburring, Polishing & Corrosion Protecting
Mansory Drill Bits

The Process

  • Carried out trials and determined the Trough Finishing machine as an efficient mean to deburr and polish the components. This machine is perfect for processing parts with shapes and lengths such as the ones of the drill bits.
  • As the drill bits are manufactured out of Stainless Steel we have identified that these can be deburred and polished in the same time by using porcelain media.
  • Along with the polishing media we have used a multi-purpose liquid compound which is great for cleaning ferrous metals. This compound contains strong corrosion inhibitor and we recommend it for cleaning and polishing parts.

The result

With the initial trial carried out being successful and the customer satisfied, further batch trials were then undertaken. The purpose of these trials was to ensure that no part on part damage occurs and the process generates a repeatable result. The trials were successful and batch trials revealed that our client can process between 10-15 parts per batch when using our mass finishing solution.


  • Helped our client to move from manual finishing to a more efficient way of finishing the parts
  • The client can now achieve the required daily throughput
  • The mass finishing solution we have developed helps our customer to produce a repeatable and quality finished product.
  • The finished products are deburred, polished and corrosion protected without any impingement occurring during the finishing process
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