Case Study - Cleaning and Polishing Exhaust Manifold

The Problem

The exhaust manifold is a large and complex part when assembled. To determine the best way to process this component our team had to analyze the severe damage of deep scratching and pitting resulted from the accident and manual polish work.

The Aim

  • To remove scratches and any other light damages.
  • To clean and polish the parts.

before Cleaning and Polishing Exhaust Manifold

The Process

After measuring the part our technical team determined that using a Trough Vibratory machine with a two-stage process would be the most efficient way of yielding the best result. This machine is perfect for processing parts with shapes and lengths such as the ones of the exhaust manifold.

The first stage enabled us to remove scratching and any other light damage to the part by using an abrasive ceramic media and a liquid compound with strong corrosion inhibitor properties.

Polishing and brightening the exhaust manifold was achieved in the second stage in the same Trough Vibratory machine . Along with the polishing media we have used a specially formulated polishing and brightening liquid compound.

The result

The result was achieved in two and a half hours and has helped to determine an efficient process for any future work with large automotive parts.

Customer Feedback

“I was extremely happy with the way they dealt with my problem after searching several firms".

after Cleaning and Polishing Exhaust Manifold

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