Polishing Stavax Moulds - Technical Article

Polishing Stavax is not easy and takes many years of experience. Bohler M 333 is the easiest stainless steel to polish but is still not easy

  1. If machined finish is of reasonable standard, start with a 320 Grit abrasive (Gesswein stones or paper) finish and reduce down to 2000 Grit finish
  2. The problem lies with the glossing. 2000 Grit paper is very fine, and the next stage is to use is a hard 1” felt bob with Kemet 14-KD-C2 Diamond paste and very slow revs on the NSK Espert power hand tools When you believe you have taken out the 2000 Grit paper marks then stop, don’t over polish.
  3. Now use a soft 1” felt bob with Kemet 3-KD-C2 Diamond paste, again slow revs, and take out the 14-KD-C2 Diamond paste marks.
  4. Finally use a tissue with Kemet 1-KD-C2 Diamond paste and a little lubricating fluid and hand polish to a finish.

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