Meusburger Stones Alternative

Recommended Meusburger Stones equivalents for use on most common tool steels. Results may vary depending on hardness of steel.

Designation Meusburger Gesswein Comments
EDM Polishing V76104 EDM Blue EDM Blue will cut a little faster but will leave same finish.
V76124 EDM EDM works very similar. Premium White can be used too.
General Purpose
(Aluminum Oxide)
V76128 Diemaker Diemaker is very similar and leaves a softer finish.
V76126 Oil Treated Oil Treated is similar. Premium White can also be used.
General Purpose
(Silicon Carbide)
V76184 Moldmaker Moldmaker Plus and Moldmaker is very similar.
Specialty Polishing V76154 Diemaker Diemaker cuts as fast but leaves a softer finish.
V76130 Oil Treated
V76152 MMP Works well on aluminum and soft metals.
V76110 General Purpose
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